DIY Mosaic Kit Details

  • Size of finished piece: 10×10 inch
  • Supplies included: The Mosaic Kit includes Grout, Adhesive, Glass Mosaic Tiles, 10×10 inch Medium Density Fiberboard and a Custom Designed theme as well as easy to follow Mosaic Instructions.
  • Pricing and shipping info: Standard Kits is $60 and Custom Kit price will vary depending on complexity of the design and size.
  • Colors and shapes: Please note that shapes and colors may not reflect exactly what is shown in picture for border and background. Every kit is slightly different. Colors may vary.



About DIY Mosaic Kits

This is an amazing mosaic kit geared for the beginner or more advanced mosaic artist. I have worked hard to create a completely custom mosaic masterpiece, anticipating what the outcome could look like as I create. No tools are necessary. Everything you need is in a safely packaged box, delivered right to your front door. There is a perfect amount of grout, glass and glue to complete your piece.

During this season of sheltering in place, these DIY kits are fun for socially distanced gatherings, for your home decorating ideas, and as gifts for family and friends. Why waste money by purchasing each supply separately off of Amazon when you can support working artists by purchasing a kit that includes everything you need with one click.

My available DIY mosaic kits will change seasonally. No two kits are the same. Contact me for custom kits and pricing.


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